How To Display Items On Your Shelves

Items such as books among others are displayed on the shelves for various purposes. Firstly, they give a room some kind of organization. Displayed items are well arranged and occupy little space giving the room enough working area and other things. Secondly, displayed items are easier to find. It is easier to trace a book that is well-arranged on the shelf than when stored in other places. Also, well-displayed items add a sense of beauty to the room. When arranging items on the shelves, you should consider the following factors.

Consider The Users

An item being displayed on a shelf should be easily accessed by the users. Items frequently used by short people such as children should be displayed from the middle towards the base of the room. This is how you can place shelves containing books for the students.

Frequency of Use Of The Item

Some household items and books are used more frequently than others. A frequently used item should be more easily accessed than those used occasionally. Items used more frequently like cooking accessories should be placed in more accessible areas. Books that are rarely used in an office should be placed at the top of the shelf.

Beautification of The Shelf

Shelves are not only used for storing items but for beautification purposes. Flower pots can be placed between the middle and the top of the shelves. At that place, visitors and households can always see them when seated or standing. The items stored on the shelves should also have different colors. These colors should form some attractive patterns. In a library, beautifully arranged books attract a lot of students.

Weight of The Items

Items placed on the shelf differ in weight. Heavy objects are hard to lift and should be placed towards the bottom of the shelves. Medium-weight objects should be placed in the middle of the shelf for easier access. Lightweight objects should go at the top where they can be accessed without incidents or accidents.

Add A Short Note

Displaying items on the shelves requires some short notes for various reasons. Firstly, they inform first-time users where they can find an item. These notes can be placed on every row or shelf to inform the user of the content of those shelves. In case it’s an office library, a storyline informing users of the wisdom behind the library can be expressed. This is an excellent way of attracting users’ attention as expressed by the Tylko journal.

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